The Best Beauty Subscription Service for All Of Your Beauty and Makeup Needs

Have you ever dreamed of a way you could easily try out new beauty and makeup products without having to break the bank? Look no further, your answer is here: is the solution to all of your makeup and beauty needs. “Birchbox is beauty made easy. Founded in 2010, [they] [redefine] the way people shop for beauty and grooming by pairing a monthly delivery of personalized samples…” they write on their LinkedIn page. This extraordinary company partners with the best beauty brands in the industry to bring its consumers and monthly subscribers the best samples and products the the industry has to offer.

When you sign up on the site, you take a short quiz to figure out your likes, dislikes, and other personal features like skin type and sensitivity, etc. they also state on their LinkedIn, “[they use a] proprietary algorithm to send the right products to the right people, based on their profiles and preferences. Plus, [they] offer tips, tutorials, reviews and a generous loyalty program to give customers the confidence to buy their new favorites in the… shop.” Its Wikipedia Page continues to explain the algorithm outcome, “after subscribing, the customer takes a survey called a ‘beauty profile’ that aims to customize their future selections to better suit their preferences.”

As of September 2015 Birchbox has over one million subscribers and over 800 brand partners, states its Wikipedia Page. As of 2016 50% of subscribers went on to make a size purchase. As a part of their purchase success, Birchbox offers points that are awarded for purchasing full size versions of products, through referral of others, and purchasing subscriptions as gifts for others. Since July 2016, subscribers can earn points on the first five product reviews they share on the site.

Katia Beauchamp and Hayley barna, owners and Harvard Business School graduates, established Birchbox in September of 2010. In October 2010, the initial funding for the business began with $1.4 million of funding from investors. They believe that the consumer will enjoy their sample product so much they will choose to purchase the full-size product from the in-site marketplace. In October 2014, the company partnered with Soldsie to launch its first Instagram shop. This app development will allow followers and other Instagram users who are interested in products or monthly boxes to make a purchase from the beauty subscription company without having to leave the Instagram app by commenting on the photo with a special hashtag

If you love subscription or mystery boxes, then this leading company is definitely for you. Their specialty-designed quiz allows you to receive sample beauty, makeup, and grooming products monthly that will fit your personal needs and allow you to try different brands, products, and colors. The only way to save your money, but still be able to buy all the beauty products your makeup-loving heart desires.