Reviewing The Bear Hybrid Mattress

Consumers buy a new mattress when their current model fails to support them adequately. Individuals who change sleeping positions need a mattress that accommodates their needs. The mattresses often feature memory foam layers that keep consumers comfortable throughout the night. A local supplier offers models including the Bear Hybrid mattress.

Common Features of the Mattress

The mattress offers individually wrapped coils that provide adequate support for all sleep positions. The materials and fabric used to construct the mattress are breathable and prevent the consumer from becoming too hot while sleeping. The product is an affordable choice for all consumers and provides an excellent night’s sleep for everyone.

What are the Advantages of the Product?

According to consumers, the price is affordable at $1,250 and provides a viable investment for all consumers. It features celliant technology which promotes natural healing and lowers the recovery time for patients who have undergone back or neck surgery. The mattress is available for a 100-night free trial and comes with a 20-year warranty.

What are the Disadvantages of the Product?

The major disadvantages of the mattress are that it is available in one firmness level. It costs more than comparable mattresses. However, it lasts up to twenty years and is available with a warranty. The manufacturer replaces the mattress if the consumer is dissatisfied at any time during the term of the warranty.

What are the Features of the Mattress?

The mattress has 1,300 coils for added support and has four layers of memory foam. The multiple layer design is breathable and prevents common issues such as mold or mildew inside the mattress. The coiled system prevents pain due to pressure points and cradles the body more effectively.

The product also provides cooling gel to prevent the mattress from becoming too hot or uncomfortable. It also features motion isolation that prevents sleep disturbances.

Consumers purchase a new mattress when a good night’s sleep just isn’t possible with their current bed. When choosing a new mattress, the consumers evaluate popular features and determine the right firmness level they need. Consumers can explore a variety of mattress options by clicking here for further details today.