Reviewing Common Requirements And Divorce Laws

In Oklahoma, divorce cases must meet state laws and prerequisites. The petitioner must meet specific requirements in order to file in the state. The divorce agreement must present an amicable solution that isn’t contested. A local attorney explains all common requirements and divorce laws.

Establishing Residency for the Petitioner

According to the state laws, the residency requirement is six months. At least one party must establish residency before filing for a divorce. The purpose of establishing residency is to allow the state of Oklahoma to take jurisdiction over the case. If neither party meets the residency requirements, the divorce is filed in their previous location.

Filing When Children are Involved

The court may impose a ninety-day waiting period for divorce cases that involve children. The judge could also require each parent to complete a parenting education program. The purpose of the program is to prepare the parents for the transition that their child faces. It shows the parents how to co-parent, manage conflict, and manage financial responsibilities separately. The education program isn’t required when a parent is granted sole child custody.

Laws Pertaining to Remarriage

State laws prevent either party from remarrying until six months after the final judgment is provided. According to the laws, even if the former spouse remarries outside of the state, it is illegal for them to live with their new spouse in the state of Oklahoma. Any parties found in violation of the ruling could face violations for bigamy. The state could also find the individual guilty of adultery.

Restoration of the Spouse’s Former Last Name

The laws require any spouse who wishes to restore their former last name to add the request to the divorce petition. If there isn’t a clause in the divorce agreement or petition for the request, the former spouse cannot change their name after the divorce.

In Oklahoma, divorce petitioners must meet residency requirements before filing for a divorce. If children are involved, the court could require parenting education programs during the designated waiting period. Each party must wait six months before remarrying anyone other than their former spouse. Petitioners who need further details can visit for more information now.