Proper Installation is Critical for Car Seat Safety

New parents have to worry about a lot of different things. It’s easy to become overwhelmed but parents who prepare for the birth of their child might find it easier to adapt to parenthood. Of all the purchases an expectant parent will make, a car seat could be the most important. A child will ride in a car seat until they are at least five years old, although parents may have more than one over their child’s life.

Choosing a Restraint

Newborns need to ride in infant or convertible car seats. These seat face the rear of the car and provide support for the baby’s back and neck. There are plenty of organizations that can help a new parent install these restraints correctly. Local fire departments often provide this service to residents. Childbirth class instructors may also help parents connect with resources to assist them in installing their car seats.

As children get older, they need different car seats. A convertible car seat can be used for quite a while. This type of seat can be used in rear-facing position until the child turns two years old and then turned around to face the front. Convertible car seats can be used until the child outgrows the harnesses. At that point, if they are still too small to sit in a seat with the seat belt around them, a booster seat will keep kids safe.


Some car accidents just can’t be avoided. Children in car seats have a much better chance of surviving a crash than those who aren’t properly secured. Parents must purchase a new car seat after a crash. The seat could be damaged even if it doesn’t show any signs. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to young children.

Kids are safest when they are harnessed into car seats. The advice given here will help parents install their child restraints properly so they don’t have to worry about their babies getting out of the seat, getting tangled in the harness or being seriously hurt in a minor accident. Every parent should have and use car seats every time their kids get into their cars.