Most Popular Iconic Fashion Designs Over the Years

While a few clothing fads come and go, like fair-weather and fickle friends, the visionary fashion houses like Dior, Chanel and Saint Laurent created various concepts that are so timeless and elegant, they have never gone out of fashion.

Some of these iconic pieces like the Chanel three-piece, the YSL safari jacket and Burberry trench, just to name a few have stayed a steadfast in any woman’s stylish repertoire, regardless of age and their overall approach when it comes to fashion. Below are a few of the more iconic and influential designs that have stood the test of time.

1. The Chanel Suit

From the LBD to the classic 2.55 flap-bag, Coco Chanel has earned its place for a number of styles and trends, that have continued to embrace both on the high-street and high fashion.

The Chanel suit- regardless of whether in the original form or the more recent Lagerfield incarnation, happens to be one of the signatures of this house.

Another of this brand’s ‘les éléments éternels’, is an enduring piece which has over the years been proudly worn by a number of fashion icons like Jackie O, Grace Kelly, along with the screen starlets of today for just about 100 years now.

2. Burberry Trench

This coveted British brand has a rich history, as the outwear company that was founded by a man by the name of Thomas Burberry in the year 1856, who was an innovative young man that patented a weather-proof material, known as “gabardine.”

With the designer line known as Prorsum, which launched to outstanding success in 1998, Burberry has featured in vogue for more than a decade, with Christopher Bailey a designer extraordinaire who consistently refreshes this brand’s approach since 2001.

The Burberry trench coat, which was worn famously by the British officers in WWI and then modified later for the public, is still one of the more recognisable pieces of this brand.

Matching refinement and sophistication with practicality, it is very unlikely that this piece will ever really go-out-of-fashion.

3. The Dior Ballet Skirt

When Christian Dior started to lower the hemlines after WWII, you would be forgiven if you thought this might have taken one step backwards when it came to women’s fashion.

Yet Dior, already at this stage know that all the modern women, even about 100 years later, know that there will always be a time that they need to embrace their femininity.

After sacrifices associated with a war period, fashion was longing for something that was a bit more frivolous, and this resulted in the birth of the voluminous skirts and cinched-in waist, which christened fashion with a “New Look”, with this French designer managing to present just that.

Today the sumptuous Dior Ballet skirt is more often combined with a casual t-shirt or an edgy leather-jacket, compared to the 50s Bar jacket, but it still manages to reach the same effect, which includes fabulous, floaty and feminine.

4. The Ferragamo “Vara” Pumps

This fashion house has just recently celebrated their 35th anniversary, the patented “Vara” pump is still certified as a true design classic.

Created by the heiress of the company, Fiamma Ferragamo in the 60s, the low-heeled, round-toe pumps are still this brand’s more recognisable shoe, which always features the grosgrain ribbon along with a gold buckle that features the family signature stamp.

This legendary design underwent an inspirational update in the year 2007 when it launched “Varina”, which is a ballet-flat casual version.

5. The YSL Smoking Jacket

There are often many debates that it was Yves Saint Laurent who managed to empower women in the way of fashion more than just about any other designer over his lifetime.

This Paris based visionary’s 1966 “Le Smoking Tuxedo” was the turning point that was momentous, that allowed women to be macho and feminine at the same time, which bought about a brand-era in regard to what women could wear acceptably to drinks and dinner as well as the boardrooms.

The timeless velvet jacket and black wool has undergone many inspirations over the years and is still worn by celebrities, models and the glamorous socialites all the time.

Whether it is accompanied by a t-shirt, frilly tuxedo-shirt, or with nothing underneath, this is one of the fashion staples that will stay around for many years to come.

6. Manolo Blahnik Stiletto

Debuting on the Ossie Clark runaway in 1971, Blahnik’s ultra-feminine shoes that have stood the test of time, when heel and chunky platform-boots were extremely popular with the fashion followers.

Adorned with ribbons, cherries, lace and sequins, along with a number of other girly accessories such as the Seafolly bikinis on the runway, this classic shoe underwent a resurgence in the earlier part of the 2000s, when it bought about a fresh appeal for a “toe cleavage” look.