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Top SMS Application for Android

Most people who use the Android phone complain that the Android app that is used on their phone sucks. When people are using a phone; you should note that the texting is one of the top activities that they do. However, if the app that you use is not working well, then you will have a hard time texting. However, this being the case, you should not worry as there are many texting application that you can be able to use.

Handcent Next SMS

You need to note that this is a system that has been customized so that it can provide the streaming SMS system. It is simple to download it and set it up. It will not take a long time, but you have to certify that the environment has been done right. Though you will have a decent background you will find some opportunities for sending some e-cards.

Google Messenger

This is one of the most popular SMS application on the Android users. You will find that this is something that is simple and you can be able to cut through some clutter like the Google hangout. When you have the application you can be able to send recorded video and audio, and SMS blocking. It is possible to have one stop for all your charts by incorporating the short text.

Text Better

If you text a lot then text better is the application that you should use. You can use it as the main line to send text and emails. The advantage is that when you use it, the clients will be able to communicate using one number. It is an application that can be used to send test to landlines, you can make use of the application to send text to the landlines. It is possible to make use of it to follow the conversations.

Signal private messenger

This is suitable for the people who feel as though the big brother is watching. By using this type of application, you do not have to worry when they go to the data center. It is also possible to use this type of application to get screenshots. When making use of this app, you will get a signal that is versatile. This is a system that works in the same way as the Facebook Messenger or the WhatsApp system.

Chomp SMS

This is the texting that has been around for a long time, and it is one of the most popular SMS application you can use. You can be able to customize how you want the texting to look. You can use it to reply to SMS pops up. You have to note that with this application, it is possible to blacklist the numbers that you do not want to use.

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