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Do You Suffer from Digital Vision?

LED lamps are famous for being used in everything from smart phones and tablets to televisions and computer monitors, but are these lights safe? Optometrists say no, these blue backlights are hazardous to the eye’s retina, prompting many consumers to turn to manufactures like Felix Gray for specialty computer reading glasses.

Retina Damage

According to several studies, LED lights can cause irreparable damage to the retina. In fact, compared to normal light bulbs, this blue light system is 1000 times higher, and the blue light is directional, not diffused, therefore more critical to eye health.

Some studies show that these LED lights also disturb sleep and cause a state of tension and biological stress. Doctors say if you sit in front of an LED screen in the evening, it will delay your sleep-wake cycle. The level of the sleep hormone melatonin is affected by light with a high blue content.…